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You can read why I’m doing this at this blog post.

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In part, I’m hoping that you’ll take an active part in this experiment by letting me know what works for you and what doesn’t. However, please don’t feel obliged to send feedback; simply read the stories, or don’t read the stories, do as you will — it’s more important that you enjoy the experience.

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Over time we’ll have a list of maybe twenty or more stories — and, together, we can choose some of those stories to assemble a collection, throw around ideas for a cover, publish it, market it, and see what happens. Yes, see the process as a creative collaboration — you the publisher’s reader and editor, and me the writer.

If our collection gathers new readers then I’ll organise a party here, in Catalunya, to which you’ll most certainly be invited.

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TV DINNER COVER Haarlson Phillipps
The Modeññing Man by Haarlson Phillipps