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Spain… Art… Intrigue… Murder

Can two miniature paintings bring down a government?

When a young German woman, Sabine Hassell, is bequeathed two paintings – presumed destroyed during the siege of Madrid in 1936 – a simple chore becomes a deadly chase. 

Sabine enlists the help of an English art expert, James Howard Graham. Together they zig-zag a trail across Spain, their movements closely followed by Málaga police detective, Jordi Cotelo and an ambitious colleague too eager to prove his worth to his superiors. Sabine’s quest prompts the involvement of shadowy international agencies with a shared agenda.

Will they aid or sabotage her efforts?

The new blood of Europe encounters the old Blood of Spain, revealing secret allegiances and ambitions of power, as an international cast of engaging characters journey to the dark soul of Spain’s ignoble past.

Greed, vanity, pride, envy and lust fuel a murderous hunt for vengeance? Supremacy? Or truth?

Making Dance with Fruit cover

A short story.

A quirky tale of time, space and motion set in Barcelona.

Inspired by his production manager’s encapsulation of Einstein’s Theory of Relativity a celebrated Spanish choreographer uses fruit and tarot cards to explore notions of time, space and motion, and sets about making sinews sing with unexpected consequences.

First published in Barcelona, INK, Number 5, October, 2010.

Also published in The Best of Barcelona, INK, Volume 1, March, 2012.

Barcelona Ink Anthology

A collection of the best contributions drawn from the first eight issues of Barcelona INK, the city’s English language literary magazine.

Includes contributions by poets such as Sam Abrams, Philip Levine, P.J. Kavanagh and Joan Margarit; journalists and commentators such as Stephen Burgen, Màrius Serra and Matthew Tree; and fiction writers such as David C. Hall, Richard Gwyn and Haarlson Phillipps, as well as interviews with Ian Rankin, Rupert Thomson, Lydia Lunch, and Colm Tóibín, plus much more.

A very different perspective on the popular Catalan capital.


Winter/Spring 2021.

When special investigator, Augustus Oliver Henry is asked to look into the disappearance of three koi carp from the home of the internationally esteemed Cuban microbiologist, professor Lluís Berenguer…

TV DINNER COVER  Haarlson Phillipps

A short story.

When an acclaimed Catalan chef’s family is kidnapped he agrees to prepare a special meal for an esteemed guest on primetime live TV. 

An emerging nation’s fate depends on the outcome.

Gastronomy, celebrity, family, finance, media and politics, spiced with ambition, greed and conflict, form the ingredients of another piquant tale from Barcelona.

First published in the print edition of Barcelona, INK, Issue 11, February, 2013.

The Modeññing Man by Haarlson Phillipps

A short story.

When Brian Relk, an award-winning model maker, appears on a daytime TV chat show and meets legendary football hero, Reggie Hindsmith, his life takes a strange turn.

A quirky Christmas tale.