Haarlson Phillipps lives, works and does stuff in Barcelona. When not writing and reading he enjoys good food and drink and good conversation in good company. He also enjoys discovering architectural details; visiting museums; exploring Catalunya; occasional long walks in the hills; a bit of cooking; pretending to practice català, and the occasional board game. He is a proud voting member of C.E. Europa football club — Els Escapulats.

Haarlson was expelled from school for political activism. He then worked in a factory, printing labels on plastic bottles; as a milkman. He moved to Cardiff where he worked as a performer with a touring childrens theatre company, adventure playground worker, and community artist. He returned to Cheltenham to work as an office boy in a quantity surveyors practice, and as a shop assistant in a stationers, before moving to London, where he worked for British Rail—as a labourer, then as an assistant signal technician—all the while writing short stories.

Six months after the supposed Soviet ‘invasion’ of Afghanistan Haarlson spent time with mujahideen fighters in the Hindu Kush … an experience which shaped his life for a good few years. Having survived a hailstorm of Soviet Russian bullets, fear…real fear… no longer held any fear. The escapade was a chilling, liberating, lesson. Thereafter — unprovoked confrontations with beered-up rugby lads, squaddies, and uppity police officers  — mattered not. The coward had become fearless reckless. 

Having worked as a university lecturer at the International University of Catalunya, Haarlson now works with some of the brightest, sharpest minds in medical research and clinical practice.

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